Float away

The thing about nice stories for children is that they are a delight for adults too. The film Red Balloon by Albert Lamorisse is one of them. It beautifully captures a child’s need for a loving friend and her belief in magic in this world. A big bunch of colourful balloons fly in in an uplifting climax. No colours in this sketch though cos that’s how my babies can see best right now !


Two little hearts

Two lil hearts have leapt out of the ultrasound into our laps.

Let the festivities begin 

हो जाएँ सभी तैयार

साफ सफ़ाई, दियों की रंगाई

मिठाई रंगोली खील खिलौनें 

कर लें घर का श्रृंगार 

क्यूँकि आने वाला है

दीवाली का त्योहार