Heart full of joy ! 

A fail proof way to lift your spirits when having a bad day – draw a big heart, and think of anyone, anything, any place, any memory that fills your heart with joy. One colour for each. When you finish it, you see how much there is to be grateful for and to look forward to.

These came to mind this evening

My people – Parag, Mom, Dad, Bhaiya

House parties, Saturday nights, Holidays, Scent of Rain, Shopping for mom, Winter sun, Expensive watches, Candle lit dinner, Sound of breeze and ocean on a beach, Loaded bank balance,Good movies, Getting gifts, Giving gifts, Getting compliments, Moms bharwaan aloo, Sweetened condensed milk, House with balcony, Home made chocolate cake with no frosting, Mood lighting, Distressed furniture, Tasteful crockery, Home fragrances, Friends I love and trust, Blue pottery, Body massage, Mangoes